Turn your energy words into your mission

Erik werkt met focus achter zijn laptop

In my previous blog we discussed energy words.

Have you been able to identify a few energy words for yourself? Did you write them down? These energy words form the basis for your soul’s mission.

A few examples of energy words are:

rhythm – service – fun
joy – humor – inspire
harmony – growth – contribute
flow – forgiveness – develop

Once you have written down your energy words, you can use them to create your personal mission.

This mission always starts with, you guessed it, “I”:

I, name, …….

Followed by your energy words, written in one or more sentences.

A mission must:

  • be short
  • be easy to remember and repeat (at least by yourself)
  • be inspiring (at least for you)
  • add value

Make your mission as personal and specific as possible.

A mission gives you:

  • direction to set your course.
  • a solid grip in those moments when you feel unsure or when things happen in your life that threaten to take you off course.

How does it feel for you to create your mission? Does it feel right? Does your mission feel clear?

If you are interested in learning more about creating a flawless soul’s mission, I would gladly schedule an intake conversation with you to help you determine what your soul’s mission could look like and how you can then start living it!

Erik Verhagen

Hello I am Erik! Trainer, coach and adviser for spiritual entrepreneurs who already have or want to start an awareness practice. I help them make strategic steps that enable them to grow and make a difference for their clients.