There is no such thing as competition

What does the word ‘competition’ mean to you?

Perhaps it makes you nervous because you believe that others are already doing exactly what you plan to do.

The feeling of competition can be both oppressive and restrictive.

You may even decide to lower your prices because you feel threatened by the competition – all the while hoping that customers will eventually end up with you.

But did you know that competition does not exist?

You have unique gifts and talents. Of course there are people who have similar qualities, but the sum of your gifts and talents is what makes you truly unique.

If you feel this and truly believe this, you will resonate with your ideal client.

Let go of the idea of competition.

Look at me, for example. There are more than 80,000 trainers and coaches in the Netherlands – and yet, I have a successful business. Because:

  • I don’t believe in competition.
  • I believe that the people for whom I can offer added value will come to me – conscious entrepreneurs with an awareness practice.

Therefore, my training and coaching are fully focused on this.

I am an entrepreneur with over 10 years of experience. In addition, I have been practicing spirituality for 10 years. This combination allows me to serve my clients in the exact way that they need. What does that combination of unique factors look like for YOU?

What is your unique story? What is your soul’s mission? What are your talents?

Once you find these answers, you will no longer experience competition and you can start manifesting in a unique way that fits YOU.

Erik Verhagen

Hi ik ben Erik! Training, coach en adviseur voor spirituele ondernemers die een bewustwordingspraktijk hebben of willen starten. Ik help hen bij het maken van strategische stappen zodat zij groeien en het verschil kunnen maken bij hun klanten.

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