Stand out as an online Lightworker

In my previous blog I shared with you how I approach this time around the Corona virus in 5D. As Lightworkers, the world demands of us to use and share our creativity in this time. To rely on our talents and our soul’s mission to help other people.

Even now that an unbelievable economic blow is happening, you will find that you are very much drawn to your authentic core and your unique talents.

Lightworkers are several steps ahead

Lightworkers are far ahead in releasing old energies that are being turned upside down by the virus. Old structures, old certainties, old habits. In that respect, we are several steps ahead of many others in the world! We have cleared ourselves of these old energies by connecting with each other, as a group, and with other Lightworkers.

Lightworkers as rescuers in awareness

We are rescuers. Have you ever thought about that? Everything we do evolves around helping others. In times like these there is a great need for people like you.

We work with energy.

  • If you work with energy in houses (for example, Feng Shui) – we have never been home as much as we are now.
  • If you work with energy in the body – we have never wanted to stay healthy and take good care of our body more than we do now.
  • If you work with children – parents are seeking support in teaching their children at home now more than ever.

Offer your services online

How can you offer your services in a format that suits this time? You can connect and share knowledge online.

Respond to the desires and needs that people experience today, rather than to their pains and fears. People need hope and positivity.

Your duty to the Collective is to make yourself known and visible. Search for opportunities and possibilities to use your talent towards the good in this world in this time of need.

Awareness is essential

Offer some of your services for free. Create a free giveaway. Show how you approach the current situation and share your insights. Challenge yourself to become even more visible. Share your knowledge and expertise and offer people the hope they are looking for.

In short:

  1. We are Lightworkers, people who consciously practice their profession. The fact that we consciously practice our profession gives us an advantage over many other people. We can support these other people. Now more than ever. We are very much needed.
  2. We are raising awareness. It is so important that people, in this age of uncertainty, recognize that they need someone to guide them to the next level of consciousness. Show them how you can help. You may consider expanding your services, as long as it resonates.
  3. Online is a great opportunity. People are confined to their own homes; everything is shut down. Sooner or later everyone will look online for help and connection.

Hi ik ben Erik!

Training, coach en adviseur voor spirituele ondernemers die een bewustwordingspraktijk hebben of willen starten. Ik help hen bij het maken van strategische stappen zodat zij groeien en het verschil kunnen maken bij hun klanten.

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