We all know people who “supposedly” do not judge. “I don’t want to judge or anything, but do you really think you should eat that piece of cake?” or “I don’t want to get involved, but are you sure you want to work less? Can you even afford that?” And so on.

Judging others seems to be ingrained in us. We grow up with it. At first, we don’t really care much about the judgment of others. As a child we are pure, we do what we want and what feels good to us in the moment. But the older we get, the more we become aware of the judgment of the people around us. Our parents, our school teachers, our friends. And we will conform ourselves more and more – subconsciously, bit by bit.

Judging is a skill that we require to assess our safety. You assess situations and people based on your gut feeling and your frame of reference.
But we often judge other people for very different reasons. We may feel insecure. We may think the other person is smarter, slimmer, or more successful. The other person touches something in us that we have to deal with: a pain that may be healed.

What would it be like to live without judgment? To no longer compare yourself to others?

To lead your own life by following your soul’s mission – a mission that simply cannot be compared to anyone else’s?

Do you remember my previous blog about non-duality? Non-duality applies here as well: nothing is right or wrong because you are simply yourself. Living without judgment is the greatest form of intelligence.

You can never know why other people do what they do and why they feel what they feel, so the only thing you can do is to respect the other person without judging them.

Watch, speak. and live without judgment of yourself or others. It will set you free!


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Wil jij jouw zielsmissie vinden?

3-daags event

De Roep van de Ziel

Erik en zijn team nodigen je van harte uit om de magische reis van zelfontdekking te ervaren tijdens De Roep van de Ziel. Hier ontwaakt je ziel, vind je jouw diepste missie, en omarm je het betekenisvolle doel van je leven. Doe met ons mee en laat je inspireren terwijl we samen jouw innerlijke wereld verkennen en een pad naar vervulling creëren.


De Roep van de Ziel

Erik nodigt je uit voor “De Roep van de Ziel”, een intieme avond op verschillende locaties in Nederland en België, waar hij inzichten deelt en praktische tips biedt om een leven van vrijheid en vervulling te omarmen, weg van beperkende gedachten en opgelegde patronen.

Kom en ontdek de diepere betekenis van het leven!