How to approach the Corona virus in 5D

So much is happening in the world. People get sick. The virus spreads quickly. The economy is going down. Permanent jobs are suddenly insecure. And physical contact is out of the question.

What does this situation mean for us as Lightworkers? How can we approach this situation in 5D?

From old structures to the New Age

The current situation is turning the world upside down. The old structures that no longer serve us give way to something major and give Mother Earth a chance to recover.

The role of Lightworkers

What is happening in the world right now is completely in line with the transition to 5D. No gradual linear change, but exponential change. The virus is spreading at an exponential rate, the economy is crumbling down and so on.

Everything changes – in development, in money, and in love.

From a 3D perspective, people experience this as a time of crisis. They feel fear about jobs that are disappearing and about the fact that we are no longer in control of what is going to happen.

A lot of confusion arises. Purification is an important part of the transition to 5D. Only when something is completely pure can you fully flourish. In the intermediate phase of 4D we were caught in the middle. For example; we still had a job but deep down we actually wanted to live our heart’s desire. Now we have no control over this anymore.

The beauty of this situation is that only now can you really start to grow and flourish because a complete purification of your existence, of your core, is currently happening.

From isolation to connection through awareness

Connection is also an essential part of the transition to 5D. There is a high need right now for Lightworker networks. People are welcomed to spread their light. We enter into connection so much more. Connection to the core.

We are thrown back to the connection that really matters: we work at home, we spend more time with our children, and we teach them ourselves.

Let’s connect so that together we can contribute to raising awareness in the world. Not for ourselves, but for the Collective. Let’s get together on social media, in online communities and in any other way that we can. Are you joining us?

Hi ik ben Erik!

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