Feeling, thinking and doing

Voelen, denken, doen

Feeling, thinking and doing: all three are important components when making a decision. First, your intuition tells you whether a decision is the right one. Next, you support your decision with arguments (thinking) before you actually make the decision (doing).

Some people are very strongly connected to their feelings and tend to let their feelings take the lead when it comes to making decisions. Other people are very good at (temporarily) putting their feelings aside and they make a decision based solely on rational facts.

What is that like for you?

Many of my clients feel very strongly about what they have to do on this earth and in this life. They feel it is their soul’s mission to help others to increase collective awareness and they do so in many different ways.

But how do you then turn this soul’s mission into actually starting an awareness practice? How do you substantiate with rational arguments that now is the time for you to stand up? To go for it? And when do you decide to actually DO IT?

That’s a different story.

Fortunately, hundreds of conscious entrepreneurs have already preceded you and I have been able to guide them to manifest their crystal-clear intuition. They brought their intuition, their dream, to life. They started a flourishing awareness practice. Step-by-step.

What steps did we take to get there?

In 5D we first on your feelings and your intuition first. This stage is all is about your dreams, your feelings, and your intuition.

Then we explore your thinking. We are going to make choices. Set priorities. We will answer questions such as: what exactly are you going to do? What is your niche?

And finally, we DO IT. We are going to make it practical.

In the following weeks we will take a closer look at these steps. Are you curious? Continue to follow my blog!

Are you interested in learning more in the meantime?

Erik Verhagen

Hello I am Erik! Trainer, coach and adviser for spiritual entrepreneurs who already have or want to start an awareness practice. I help them make strategic steps that enable them to grow and make a difference for their clients.