February 4th : World Cancer Day

February 4th is World Cancer Day.

Cancer affects nearly everyone.

Many of us are aware of someone who has suffered from, is still suffering from, or has unfortunately died as a result of cancer.

My father, my aunt Mariet (who was a healer herself, by the way), my aunt Diny, and my mother-in-law all passed away because of cancer. I can list several dozen people whom I know very well, or have known very well, who have struggled with, or are still struggling with, cancer. I have lost many loved ones to this horrible disease.

A number of my clients have been impacted by cancer. I have spoken to many clients and the word cancer has been used often during these conversations over the years. Apart from the fact that the fight with cancer is an extremely painful and difficult fight to have, it often also provides valuable insights for people who survived and can reflect on their struggle.

Like Priscilla for example. She is a flight attendant at KLM and a holistic energetic therapist who runs her own coaching practice. In 2016 she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Instead of fear and anger, she felt gratitude. The years that followed gave her many insights. As an energetic therapist, her mission is to support others on the path to self-healing. In addition to one-on-one coaching, she also gives workshops and lectures on her disease and (self) healing.

Life is short. You realize that all the more when you are confronted with a life-threatening illness.

With this in mind – don’t put things off. If you feel a strong desire to do something, do it NOW.

Every month I donate to the Dutch cancer foundation, KWF. As a “call to action” I want to ask you to donate today as well via this link.

Thank you.
Here’s to your health.

May you be well,

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