Alles is energie


Do you know that feeling? That after a conversation with someone you feel completely refreshed or, on the contrary, completely empty?

That has everything to do with energy.

At school we learn that energy consists of anatomical molecules. People and objects: everything consists of energy.

But as we both know, energy goes far beyond that.

Energy is not only a scientific matter, energy is also a matter of feeling and being. In the 5th dimension, we have learned that EVERYTHING is energy.

You can apply this energy in very special ways, because energy bridges time and distance.

This means, for example, that if someone is on your mind, your energy reaches them. Healing can take place remotely as well. Not only in your own country, but all over the world. Because everything consists of energy, distance no longer matters.
Conditions such as time and distance no longer stand in the way of our collective growth.

The same goes for your thoughts. Thoughts create their own energy. What you focus your attention (and therefore your energy) on, you manifest.
So, the time has come to focus on what you want and what you have to do: it all starts here!

My coaching is all about energy too. Energy sets things in motion. By effectively working (together) with energy, we turn your dreams and your soul’s mission into a flourishing awareness practice!

“Energy flows where attention goes”


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Stand out as an online Lightworker

Stand out as an online Lightworker

In my previous blog I shared with you how I approach this time around the Corona virus in 5D. As Lightworkers, the world demands of us to use and share our creativity in this time. To rely on our talents and our soul’s mission to help other people. Even now that an...

Wil jij jouw zielsmissie vinden?

3-daags event

De Roep van de Ziel

Erik en zijn team nodigen je van harte uit om de magische reis van zelfontdekking te ervaren tijdens De Roep van de Ziel. Hier ontwaakt je ziel, vind je jouw diepste missie, en omarm je het betekenisvolle doel van je leven. Doe met ons mee en laat je inspireren terwijl we samen jouw innerlijke wereld verkennen en een pad naar vervulling creëren.


De Roep van de Ziel

Erik nodigt je uit voor “De Roep van de Ziel”, een intieme avond op verschillende locaties in Nederland en België, waar hij inzichten deelt en praktische tips biedt om een leven van vrijheid en vervulling te omarmen, weg van beperkende gedachten en opgelegde patronen.

Kom en ontdek de diepere betekenis van het leven!