Do you ignore your intuition?

Erik Verhagen Intuïtie

Many people that I know are always busy.

Busy busy busy.

Busy with work, social activities, friends, vacations, and so on.

‘If we fill our lives and are always busy, we don’t have to feel what’s really going on inside of us.’ We don’t have to listen to that voice within us that calls louder and louder. The voice of our heart – our intuition.

Many people find it too scary to listen to this internal voice. After all, that voice could tell you to turn your life upside down completely.

Is your heart really happy with all the ‘so-called’ hustle and bustle?

Or do you suppress your deepest desires and feelings by engaging in this?

The voice of your heart

Suppressing the voice of your heart causes you to block your energy. The energy is not allowed to flow freely but is forced in a certain direction. A direction that fits your current life. But does that current life still suit you?

If you were to really let that energy flow, to really listen to your heart, would you still do exactly what you do every day?

I acknowledge that it can be unnerving to listen to your heart – but it is essential for us to do so. People like you and I are desperately needed to take the awareness in the world to the next level and to help others remember what they have forgotten.

To achieve that, we have to make sure to heal ourselves first before we can heal others.

Follow your heart

The time has come for us to allow ourselves to follow our own heart so that we can encourage others to follow their own heart. Step by step, we make the world a little more beautiful and aware.

Are you done living your life the way that society expects of you? Are your heart and soul eager to live your soul’s mission?

Live your soul’s mission

Are you ready to discover what makes you truly happy? Also, what is stopping you from actually getting started with this in your life? Are you ready to really start living according to your deepest wishes and desires?

The answers to those questions are vital to experience flow in your life and in your practice.

Finding this flow will benefit you forever in all aspects of your life.

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See you soon!

Be well,


Erik Verhagen

Hello I am Erik! Trainer, coach and adviser for spiritual entrepreneurs who already have or want to start an awareness practice. I help them make strategic steps that enable them to grow and make a difference for their clients.