Being an intuitive entrepreneur, supported by your reasoning

Being an intuitive entrepreneur, supported by your reasoning

Every day I come across intuitive entrepreneurs that are stuck because they don’t have a clear plan. They also don’t have a coach that understands and connects with their intuitive side.

I was a sensitive little boy. I was good at reading people and I was highly sensitive to their feelings. When my father passed away, I was 13 years old. This is when the conscientious side of me developed even further. In the last few years I have studied meditation, Reiki, intuition, healing, detoxing, and past lives. This has provided me with great insights!

And then there is the “business-like” Erik: the man who has been an entrepreneur himself for many years. A man who trains, coaches, and advises companies. He understands how entrepreneurs think and act.

For my clients, I create a bridge between their intuitive side and their entrepreneurial side. I offer the clarity and structure that they require. We determine their vision and choose their niche. We use their mission to establish goals and determine their strategy.
Would you like to know how I approach this? These two illustrations will show you how:

Bingo plek
richten inrichten verrichten

It all starts with you. You are an entrepreneur. You have talents, gifts, and you excel in what you do. You have now reached a point at which you can share your true value with the world. Because you feel that the time is right, and you have to do this.

Next, you can transfer these feelings into a mission statement. This mission statement will clarify your niche, the one thing that makes your heart beat a little faster. As you know, this is purely based on intuition.
After that, you translate your mission, your vision, and your passion into concrete goals and objectives – both financial and non-financial. Because you are allowed to ask the price that you are worth. You are now ‘directing’: you are determining your course.
After you have determined your course and your direction, you will know exactly who you are – what your focus is, who your ideal client is, and what goals you want to achieve with your practice.
That’s when you can start establishing your practice.

You cannot establish your practice until you have chosen your course. We will dive a little deeper into certain subjects as well, such as the structure of your business.

It is very important that you truly understand your course and your direction before you start establishing your practice. Often times, entrepreneurs are already establishing their business without a clear direction or objective – which often leads to failure.

Establishing and implementing are the last steps – let’s get to work!

I wish you good luck and I hope you enjoy the journey from your heart to your reasoning and back again – you will need them both to succeed!

All the best,

Erik Verhagen

Hello I am Erik! Trainer, coach and adviser for spiritual entrepreneurs who already have or want to start an awareness practice. I help them make strategic steps that enable them to grow and make a difference for their clients.