5 signs to find out if you are a conscious entrepreneur

Bewuste ondernemer

You may wonder if you can truly call yourself an entrepreneur. You may still have a (part-time) job, you may only charge a small rate for your services or you don’t quite feel like an expert yet. What you do know for sure is that you do business in a conscious manner. From a place of passion, from your heart, and from a desire to serve people.

You are not alone. We see the world changing all around us. There is a transition happening. It is no longer about the ego. It is about the collective. It is no longer about “me, me, me” but about “how can I make the world a better place?”

These 5 characteristics describe a conscious entrepreneur, are you one of them?

1. Your desire to help stems from personal experience

You have been through a lot in your life. At times when it was difficult, or when you could have used someone to truly listen to you, you may have felt alone. That is why you do what you do: to be that support for people who are at the same point in their lives as you were back then.

2. You want to serve the world and others around you

It is in your nature to want to serve people. Your services are based on helping other people. Helping them process experiences in their life, help them through physical discomfort, and supporting them along the path of spiritual growth. Maybe you are a yoga teacher, a healer or a coach. Or perhaps you do Reiki, you are a shaman, or are you engaged in nutrition and how it affects the body and the mind. Whatever it is that you do: you help other people.

3. You feel a strong desire

You feel a very strong desire to do the work you have to do in this world. You may not yet know exactly how and what that will look like just yet, but you do know that this is why you are here on this earth.

4. You have a clear mission

You may have already clearly written out your desire for yourself. Whether you drew it, brainstormed about it, or created a mind map. The strong desire that you feel combined with the words that describe its essence are all part of your personal mission.

5.You are unique

When you compare yourself with other entrepreneurs or companies you may feel like you are completely different. Your goals and mission are probably at odds with the goals and mission of commercial companies. However, this does not mean that you cannot monetize your mission. On the contrary. If you follow your heart and make your message known to the world, the money will flow to you – in abundance!

So YES – you may call yourself an entrepreneur! A conscious entrepreneur on a mission. Are you ready to meet other likeminded entrepreneurs? To inspire, motivate, and learn from each other?

Erik Verhagen

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