5 impactful steps for spiritual entrepreneurs with an awareness practice

You prefer to spend most of your time with your clients and your aim is to help them wherever you can. You have so many special gifts and talents. You have continued to develop spiritually. You recognize that right now it is more important than ever for people to find connection and balance – with themselves and with the world we live in.

I can hear you say “once the people enter my practice, they’re in. I can let them experience what I do and how I do it. Once they meet me and get to know what I do, they almost certainly return.” 

And deep down you realize attracting clients is important. But, how? How do you attract clients? Because you would not really describe yourself as an entrepreneur in the business sense. The word ‘sales’ makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up. Ugh, sales…money… That’s what’s wrong with our world! You also recognize, however, that your bills need to be paid. You may even be a mom, or a single mom and this brings responsibility. 

So, what now? You can’t seem to find an answer to this dilemma, and you feel stuck.

In the past 15 years, I have spoken with thousands of spiritually conscientious people like you. People that had the idea of starting a practice. People that had already started a practice next to their day job. Or people that have a practice and want to grow towards effortless entrepreneurship.

That’s why I know exactly which obstacles prevent energy from flowing freely. So for them, and for you, I have outlined the 5 most powerful steps you can take. Take the steps in this order and you will start making a difference. Truly!

1. Find -and live according to- your soul’s mission

People who have found, and live according to, their soul’s mission live exceptional lives. They are tuned in, connected, and are not easily distracted because of their strong roots. So find, and live according to, your soul’s mission! First, you may tell your story. Write it out. Take your time. When you’ve written out your story, you can filter the story to identify your ‘themes’. These themes will have a dual meaning to you. They include themes and obstacles. Your karmic lessons. Themes such as ‘I have to do this all alone’, ‘I am not good enough’, ‘I’m not worth it’, or ‘I am different’. Describe these themes in your life.

The next phase includes you turning these words into non-dual words. I call these energy words or power words. Words such as: inspiring, connecting, nature, vitality, abundance, life, etc. Next, you will translate these words into a sentence or multiple sentences to formulate your soul’s mission. Mine goes like this: “I, Erik Verhagen, inspire myself and others. I lead a vital and very comfortable life with my family and my soulmates with whom I create special moments”. Once you find your soul’s mission, you can start living it!

2. Clearly resonate with your ideal client

Once you’ve identified your soul’s mission, this makes it easier to resonate with your ideal client. Because you resemble your ideal client! Once you resonate at a higher level, entrepreneurship, attracting clients, and manifesting will become much easier. In order to clearly resonate, you may ask yourself: what are my pains and fears? What are my desires and needs?

The clearer you can feel and name these, the easier it becomes to attract your ideal client – and because you have experienced these pains, fears, desires, and needs yourself, you will know how to handle them. Which is why you are perfectly capable of helping your ideal client! Crystal clear resonance is what matters.

3. Charge what you’re worth

Once you’ve formulated your soul’s mission and you are resonating with your ideal client, you may determine the value of what you bring to your client. Because you help your clients without judgement and without ego. But, as a mom, wife, and entrepreneur you are also responsible for having a roof over your head. Living healthy isn’t cheap and you would also love to travel and invest in yourself and the people close to you. So yes – it is ok to ask for money for your services. You have to – do it.  Do it, because you do so in an ethical way, so don’t worry. You’re worth it. Asking what you’re worth has nothing to do with competition. Because competition doesn’t exist. It truly doesn’t. It is a made-up 3D concept. Please remember, everyone resonates on their own level and in their own way.

So, what is a reasonable price to ask for your services? If you find this hard to answer, I usually ask people the following question: “what would support from someone like you have been worth to you when you were in the same situation as your client?” Everyone’s answer is always: “that would have been priceless!” – which it is! Determine your price based on meeting your client’s needs. Let go of the ‘pay per hour’. It is the end result that counts. Which quickly adds up to $1000 (for 5 sessions in two months, for example). Try it out. Access your faith, love, and energy and it will happen.

4. Choose a resonating strategy to attract your clients

We’ve all come across successful entrepreneurs and coaches that tell us “this is the way to do it!”
“I have become successful by blogging every day!” Or, “by organizing a challenge each week, I’ve really made a difference!” Which is great.

However, their way may not be your way. You work based on feelings and on resonance. If someone tells you ‘you have to do this to be successful’ and it doesn’t resonate with you, this will not work. That’s just not how you are.

Choose a way that suits you. Because that is when your strategy is 100% ethical. A way that works well for me is to speak with people over the phone – as many people as possible! With these people, I have a heart-to-heart conversation and if it happens to feel right for both of us, that is when I share with them what I do and what I have to offer. This creates a very different energy than speaking with someone that just wants to sell you something for profit. So, choose what feels right for you.

5. Take Action

We are skilled at feeling and thinking. But nothing will happen if we continue to procrastinate. Once you feel what it is that you have to do, when you’ve found your soul’s mission, and when you know how to make a plan by using a resonating strategy (which I can help you with), the time has come to TAKE ACTION. Don’t just sit still. Life is too short. And if you can take action supported by a coach, or even a team of coaches, you will feel ready to fly!

And that is what I wish for you. So, take these steps in this order and you will flourish!

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